Introducing AttributePro: the ultimate cart customization tool

The cornerstone of success in today’s dynamic e-commerce landscape hinges on differentiation.  But how can you truly distinguish your online store? The answer lies in cultivating an unforgettable customer experience, and the key to achieving that lies in customization. From tailoring products to individual preferences to incorporating unique elements into the shopping journey, customization acts as the linchpin for fostering customer loyalty. However, implementing exceptional customization solutions often requires navigating complex coding or incurring significant financial resources. A formidable challenge, do you agree? But don’t fret, we have a solution for you: AttributePro – a cart customization tool.

AttributePro revolutionizes the way you customize your e-commerce platform. With its user-friendly interface you can effortlessly add engaging cart attributes and line properties to your products. Whether it’s specifying product variations, adding special instructions, or offering personalized options, AttributePro empowers you to tailor the shopping experience to meet the unique needs of your customers without the need of coding skills.

What does AttributePro bring to your store?

  • Dynamic Cart Attributes: design a unique shopping experience by adding interactive cart attributes. This lets your customers personalize their purchases and provides valuable data for targeted promotions.
  • Line-Level Customization: take product personalization to the next level. AttributePro lets you add dynamic line properties to any product in your store.
  • Powerful Conditional Logic: fine-tune your customizations with  unmatched control. Set up single or multiple conditions to trigger specific attributes or properties, ensuring a truly personalized shopping journey.
  • Seamless Integrations: extend your functionality effortlessly. AttributePro integrates seamlessly with popular apps like Supaeasy and HidePay, allowing you to build a robust and customized shopping experience.
  • Multichannel Support: AttributePro goes where your customers are. Provide exceptional support through in-app chat, website resources, and social media engagement.

Elevate your customer experience today with AttributePro, our cart customization tool! It empowers you to create a dynamic and personalized shopping journey for every customer, boosting conversions and building lasting customer loyalty.

With AttributePro, the power to transform your online store into a personalized shopping haven is at your fingertips. Elevate your customer experience today and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success in the digital marketplace.

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Our plans

Premium Plan – $5.99/month or $57.50/yearAdvanced Plan – $8.99/month or $86.30/year
 Add a single attribute per ruleAdd multiple attribute per rule
Create rules with one conditionCreate rules with multiple conditions
Add attributes exclusively to the cartAdd attributes to the cart and product
Support IncludedUse multiple conditions